The Sulfur Eliminator
The Most Affordable Odor Removal System On The Market
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Why Should You Buy This Product?
Have you searched the internet only to find a cure cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of dollars a year on maintenance. Look no further! Our studies show that the sulfur bacteria/gases build up in the well over time. The Sulfur Eliminator pulls in fresh aerated well water constantly! Our patented venturi system removes the sulfur gases. All minerals in a well build up on well casing over time expelling their gases. The Sulfur Eliminator will rid iron and relieve gases. The Sulfur Eliminator installed at the well will stop any of these problems at the source so you will not have to worry about the sulfur bacteria and the gases lingering in your tanks/house filtration system. If you wanna see what the inside of your well may look like, look in the back of your toilet bowl. You will see black or reddish stains depending on which iron you may

Just Say NO To Chemicals In Your Well!
Have you ever heard of shocking your well? For those of you that are shocking your well with large doses of chemicals every few months, stop now! Through my years of experience and running cameras down in wells, I have seen pounds of build up from the chemicals that never dissolve. 
Do not put harsh chemicals like chorine/Clorox in your well. These products will only mask the problem and it will come back every few months. If you are on a chlorine injector system, I would suggest you buy this product and forget the headache and the maintenance that you have to endure. Chlorine is a chemical and it can enter our bodies in several ways; most commonly, while showering. We will absorb more chlorine by taking a shower than we do by drinking it. This type of chemical is not intended to be in our bodies. Studies have shown that chlorine consumption can lead to cancer and other illnesses. The National Cancer Institute estimates that people that consume chlorinated water are 93% more likely to get some type of cancer than people who drink non chlorinated water.

What will The Sulfur Eliminator 
do for you?
*Keep your water from stagnating
*Prevent the growth of sulfur bacteria
*Prevent red/black water build up
*Remove sulfur gases
*Keeps your water fresh with new generated well
water coming in
*Makes your well cleaner and fresher
Let The Sulfur Eliminator, provide the solutions you need for cleaner and fresher water! For your convenience, we are open 7 days a week, from 8am to 9pm. For any questions you may have call: