The Sulfur Eliminator
The Most Affordable Odor Removal System On The Market
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Turn your well water into bottle quality water with The Sulfur Eliminator Deluxe

*Do you have an Iron problem in your well? 

*Does the inside of your toilet tank have any black, reddish, orangish or brownish stains? If you said yes then you need the Sulfur Eliminator Deluxe. The Sulfur Eliminator Deluxe not only will get rid of that nasty rotten egg smell that is produce by Sulfur Gases but it will also rid your well of that nasty iron problem that stains your clothing, toilets and etc.. Our specially designed iron buster filters will trap any iron particles allowing only filtered iron free water to re-enter your well. 

When you order the The Sulfur Eliminator Deluxe you will get two filters with purchase.

The Filter is a 1 year washable filter that will need to be replaced once a year. 

Venturi Aerator Filter
Aerator Nozzle
Iron Buster filter