The Sulfur Eliminator
The Most Affordable Odor Removal System On The Market
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Florida Residents Which Type Of Well Do You Have?
In Florida you have 2 different types of wells. You either have a Standard Well which is a 4" well with a  submersible well pump (pictured on left) or you have a Suction Well which is a 2" pipe coming out of the ground with an above ground jet pump (pictured on right). If you have the Standard Well our product will work for you. The Sulfur Eliminator will install on your well just like the video shows.  If you have a Suction Well our product Will Not work for you. There is unfortunately no where to install 
the nozzle head. 
Standard 4" Well with 
The Sulfur Eliminator Installed
2" Suction Well. The Sulfur Eliminator will NOT work on this type of well