The Sulfur Eliminator
The Most Affordable Odor Removal System On The Market
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Does your water have a rotten egg smell? Then you need the Sulfur Eliminator! You have sulfur/gases in your well system. This system will eliminate any rotten egg smell that you may have in your well system. Why mask the smell by pouring chemicals in your well? This product will get rid of the smell from the source and will never return. The Sulfur Eliminator is the safest product on the market. This product uses your well system to function and no other power is needed. Do you have red/black water problems? The Sulfur Eliminator Deluxe can eliminate that also. This product is a maintenance free system that is installed on any tap/spigot on the well system. We do all of the work putting the product together, all you have to do is screw it on. If you can screw on a water hose then you can install this system. It only takes 5 mins to install and then you are free from that rotten egg smell forever! This system will also works for Pittless Adapter Wells also! Please see our link for pittless adapter wells or call for details. 

Recycles less than a shower full of water a day. It recycles a gallon of water per hour. Other systems back wash over 50 to 100 gallons of water per day. This system WILL NOT make your pump run.
Installs in less than 5 mins
How it works: Aerates water & air through the patented venturi vent system. The vent system pulls sulfur gases out of the well causing gas molecules to escape and
 pulls fresh air in! 
We offer free technical help with a live licensed well contractor to answer any questions you may have about your well. Our technicians have been in the well business for over 30 years. 
Handles not only sulfur but iron also.

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